798 Votes. Amplitude leads the industry in momentum, showing an increase in positive user reviews and market presence over the past 12 months. Amplitude usage statistics and trends. Amplitude is a product analytics platform that helps businesses to track visitors with the help of collaborative analytics.

Released: Jun 3, 2022.

5.0. Uncover the hidden relationships between features, customer actions, and business outcomes. Note that this is not the Android SDK. The scores above are a summary of a comprehensive report available for this product, aggregating feedbacking from real IT professionals and business leaders. Amplitude is an analytics platform built for product teams.

Amplitude Analytics 75 Ratings Score 9 out of 10 Based on 75 reviews and ratings Totango Top Rated 359 Ratings Score 8 out of 10 Based on 359 reviews and ratings Feature Set Ratings Security Feature Set Not Supported 8.4 View full breakdown Totango ranks higher in 1/1 features Platform & Infrastructure Feature Set Not Supported 7.8 You can replicate data from your Amplitude account to a database, data warehouse, or file storage system using Hevo Pipelines. The business has a 50 day simple moving average of $16.92 and a 200 day simple moving average of $26.56. Behavioral cohorts: Identify users with similar behaviors. Amplitude is defined as a behavioural analytics platform. Curious ab. The Ampli Wrapper is a lightweight wrapper over the Amplitude SDK that provides type-safety, supports linting, and enables features like input validation.

Pushing a button, completing a level, or making a payment are all examples of events. The company also added new features to Experiment and made it easier for marketers to use its product.

Note: Hevo fetches data from Amplitude Analytics in a zipped folder to perform . 9. It helps you gather and democratize data about how users engage with your apps.

Behavorial Targeting is fantastic and works wonders on improving conversion rates. Over the past few months, I have been writing about the benefits of combining product and marketing analytics. We use it on a B2B ecommerce, so clustering users is really easy. It is designed for a better understanding of users' behaviour while buying products from apps or websites. Industry: Healthcare Industry.

Get Started Contact Sales Amplitude powers your personal and daily work lives Digital disruptors choose Amplitude Insights: Spot anomalies in your metrics quickly with alerts. Get started; Amplitude Quick Start Guide; Best practices; Helpful definitions; User property definitions; Browser compatibility for Amplitude's product website; Build and share your analysis; Working with charts User/Session: Amplitude provides this . SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Amplitude, the product analytics company, today announced a new set of features designed to help product teams at large companies innovate faster . Application Programming Interface - Specification for how the application communicates with other software. Latest version. Amplitude offers the most complete experience in Advanced Analytics. Download files.

Portfolio: Conduct cross-project analysis in Amplitude. Analytics firm Amplitude has launched a new Customer Data Platform (CDP), betting on an aggressive pricing strategy to undercut competition from vendors including Twilio, Salesforce, Adobe and . You can narrow your focus even further by telling Amplitude you only want to include users who have already performed certain actions. Amplitude Analytics helps generate thorough product analytics of web and mobile application usages to help you make data driven decisions.

Amplitude Logo. Amplitude takes product analytics to the next level with a truly impressive and sophisticated data and intelligence platform.


In our work, we get to research a lot of different analytics tools (such as Amplitude Analytics) which means that I tend to see the same features over and over again, done in slightly different ways. A strong advantage of this mobile analytics tool is that multiple features like analytics, crash reporting, hosting, .


Shares of NASDAQ AMPL opened at $14.75 on Friday. Chart Annotations API.

Amplitude Analytics is the leading product analytics tool.

. This is the documentation for the Amplitude Analytics Java SDK.

API's typically enable integration of data, logic, objects, etc. The official Amplitude backend Python SDK for server-side instrumentation. Scuba Analytics is a full-stack product analytics solution that was built to pick up where lightweight tools like Amplitude leave off. Amplitude offers the ability to zoom in on individual data points to view the behavioral data, users and actions behind each point on a graph. Funnels: It's easy to set up custom funnels.

It lets you analyze granular data with a simple, no-coding query interface that doesn't limit datasets or size of ingest.

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Product analytics is still an emerging sector but growing at a fast clip, given the impact it is creating. Check Capterra's comparison, take a look at features, product details, pricing, and read verified user reviews. The platform uses behavioral reports to understand users' interactions with products and provides insights to accelerate work on a real-time basis. . Our core product. Empower your teams with self-service insight into what bets to make, what features and customer actions lead to outcomes and where to double down.

Jun 16, 2022. Review Source:

No matter where you are with your maturity with analytics, Adobe Analytics can help. Amplitude is a digital product analytics company that mainly focuses on its product analytics tools and Digital optimization systems for businesses.It was founded by Spenser Skates in 2012 in San Francisco, USA. On Tuesday, analytics software vendor Amplitude debuted on the Nasdaq through a direct listing. Instead of raising fresh capital at a discount, the company allowed existing investors to sell . 1. Application Programming Interface - Specification for how the application communicates with other software. Amplitude has launched a new customer data platform.

[On-demand course] 30 min. The stock trades at a price-to-sales . In the next section we'll explain why, as a lot of features are interpreted differently from regular web analytics but can still help you a lot in your daily work: Net Promoter Score and Planned Renewal Rates Key Features of Amplitude Analytics. Homepage. To do so, click + perform, then choose the event you're interested in. Getting Started with Amplitude Analytics is designed to teach you the skills necessary to start using Analytics once your account has been activated.

Get a list of 247,574 websites using Amplitude which includes location information, hosting data, contact details, 115,959 currently live websites and an additional 229,538 domains that redirect to sites in this list. What is Amplitude? This reference article lists the input data sources for the User and Entity Behavior Analytics service in Microsoft Sentinel. We would like to hear your ideas too! Amplitude has been growing at over . Look up event data for individual users.

No problem! It covers a broad set of metrics, so it's not only useful for product teams, but also marketing, engineering, and business as well. A powerful tool that gives you insight into usage patterns. This has been a very hard thing to google. It offers a profound view of user activity and engagement.

Not sure if Amplitude, or Google Analytics is the better choice for your needs?

Growth designer Lex Roman examines the core differences between Amplitude and Google Analyticsand why these differences matter for product teams. "We thoroughly test everything we do." Using Amplitude Insight, their team can also track adoption of new features by setting up certain milestones they want to hit when they first launch.

As of June 15th, there was short interest totalling 3,090,000 shares, an increase of .

Growth Discovery Engine- Helps you predict behaviours that predict conversation or retention and drive exponential user growth.

Ability to be able to lift and shift analyses without needing to start from scratch.

Finally, choose the frequency (weekly or . Amplitude, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMPL - Get Rating) saw a significant increase in short interest in the month of June. Last month at Amplify 2022, the company announced several new products and analytics features, including Amplitude CDP, the industry's first insights-driven CDP; Experiment Results to help companies rapidly scale experimentation; new reporting tools in Amplitude Analytics to provide deeper insights into marketing and growth performance . Robust features for customer relationship management; . Release history. The Ampli Wrapper is an autogenerated library based on your pre-defined tracking plan. Python Amplitude Analytics SDK Python 4 MIT 2 0 0 Updated Jun 29, 2022. amplitude-server-gtm-template Public Amplitude Server Side GTM Template

with other software applications. While the client-side SDKs are optimized to track session and attribution for a single user or device, the Node SDK's focus is to provide a helpful developer experience to help back-end services reliably and correctly send events from many users and sources. This is Amplitude Node.js SDK written in Typescript, the 1 st backend SDK for Amplitude.

The company focuses to solve the problem of businesses by giving them a complete report card of their digital product, total clicks, which features . Learn More AmpliTour The rock-n'-rollin' workshop for total beginners in product-led growth.

Amplitude is arguably the leading product analytics platform, helping companies understand user behavior in mobile and web applications. Amplitude Analytics. In the same project file, add the destination to the using list in the await command. The autogenerated library, the Ampli SDK, is a lightweight wrapper over the Amplitude SDK that provides type-safety, supports linting, and enables features like input validation. In that aspect, Amplitude is directly competing with mostly tools outside of web analytics, like: Google Analytics for Firebase, Snowplow, KISSmetrics, Mixpanel, etc. Events Module: Events in Amplitude are activities performed in your product. Features: Real-time app analytics. It also describes the enrichments that UEBA adds to . We are consistently Leaders in analyst reports like the Gartner Magic Quadrant and the Forrester Waves because we develop features that make data easier and faster to access and insights smarter and easier to use. Amplitude its a python-based client designed to interact with the entire set of Amplitude Analytics services (Redshift, Export API, Dashboard Rest API and Behavioral Cohorts API) following the official Amplitude Documentation which can be found at: Company Size: <50M USD. API's typically enable integration of data, logic, objects, etc.

This pre-recorded webinar is designed for Analytics users who know the basics but want to use features and create workflows that help them better understand what leads to retention in their products. Traditional frequency analysis assumes ASSR is a stationary . Nick O'Neill There are limitations on some of the queries.

Features on Amplitude's platform regularly receive high user satisfaction rankings. Adobe Analytics Features. By the end of this session, you'll be able to: You already have some experience with Amplitude Analytics. . These can be created retrospectively as well which makes it very powerful as it doesn't require you to create any predefined goals. New Feature Impact Analysis About this course This pre-recorded webinar is designed for Analytics users who know the basics but want to better understand how Amplitude can help them analyze the impact of new features they introduce to their users. The solution employs behavioral analysis of mobile users and allows app developers to forecast retention, visualize engagement, group users by actions taken, etc. Use the power of Big Data to personalize digital products and offer a more compelling customer experience. Amplitude Inc. is an American public company focused on analytics products including Amplitude Analytics, Amplitude Recommend, and Amplitude Experiment which it refers to as a Digital Optimization System for businesses.

I'm about to implement my own solution and thought I should ask. Amplitude is one of only two product analytics software providers ranked as a market leader for enterprise-level businesses. The diagrams ar well readable and sufficient. Join a Live Session Making the Leap to a Digital-First Enterprise. 9. Read writing from Amplitude Analytics on Medium. This feature was mentioned in 320 Amplitude Analytics reviews.

The company built the industry's first Digital Optimization System. Amplitude analytics system divides into four main solution types : Setting Product Strategy Improving User Engagement Conversion Rate Optimization Driving Retention This digital data analytics platform helps business owners to get a full picture of a customers' journey. Amplitude has a 52 week low of $13.42 and .

Learn More. Use the power of Big Data to personalize digital products and offer a more compelling customer experience. The company wants to be able to get down to the nitty-gritty details of user behavior so that other companies can save money and time on unnecessary investments while empowering their team to . Account-level reporting in Amplitude. Amplitude Analytics. Check out and compare more Web Analytics products

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Amplitude is not about click statistics and page views; it keeps a tab on every user action.

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 10, 2018 /CNW/ -- Amplitude, the #1 product analytics company, today launched Growth Engine, the industry's first product iteration system to help digital businesses everywhere . Create User Groups with Behavioral Cohorts. In contrast to G Continue reading Eugene Bos Owner Amplitude is very user friendly 8 out of 10 May 23, 2018 We use it to track actions performed by our users in our software. What it does: Amplitude is a robust quantitative analytics tool. Amplitude is a solid tool with a simple UX and powerful features to manage and analyze event data. Read Full Review. Reviewer Role: Data and Analytics. Amplitude is a very efficient and handy tool, to track even smallest events, with providing big amount of precise data you can analyse to improve product quality and track user experience. Amplitude's features include insights into customer experience . Analytics that helps you understand user behavior, ship the right features fast, and drive business outcomes Let's build better products. Last month at Amplify 2022, the company announced several new products and analytics features, including Amplitude CDP, the industry's first insights-driven CDP; Experiment Results to help .

To understand how people interact with your product, you should be able to track between 15 and 200 events. My plan is to target the launcher icon by class: intercom-lightweight-app-launcher-icon And then attack an even listener such as a click event.

Understand your customers; Improve your experience; Optimize your outcomes; Accelerate your innovation; For instance, they might set up an alert when they reach 1,000 users for a new feature. Azure Sentinel is now called Microsoft Sentinel, and we'll be updating these pages in the coming weeks.

It is used almost company-wide. Amplitude is a product analytics service that makes it easier for companies to understand user behavior, ship the right features and improve business outcomes. Check Capterra's comparison, take a look at features, product details, pricing, and read verified user reviews.